Getting Started

With Embroidery i2 you can get started creating embroidery in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw in no time. Follow these steps to get started using Embroidery i2

Step 1- Review the System Requirements for Embroidery i2
Click the link above to view the computer requirements for Embroidery i2

Step 2 - Purchase your Activation Code Embroidery i2
You can purchase Embroidery i2 from our worldwide network of distributors. Click the link above to locate the Embroidery i2 distributor in your region. Once you have purchased Embroidery i2 you will be given an activation code which is required to register your Embroidery i2 software.

Step 3 - Register and Download Your Software
Use the activation code you received from your distributor to register and create user name and password to access Embroidery i2 After registering download the Embroidery i2 client that applies to your system.

Step 4- View the Documentation
Use the link above to access the Getting Started Guide and Online Help for Embroidery i2 The Getting Started Guide contains important information to help you get started using Embroidery i2.

Step 5 - Join the Community
Have a question about Embroidery i2? The Embroidery i2 Community is a great place to see news, updates and training information related to your software. You can also share ideas with other Embroidery i2 users. Click the link above to sign-in to the Embroidery i2 Community.

User Login Page

Once a user logs in, the page that is shown does not have the same look as the rest of the site. Can there be a similar banner and navigator that the main web pages have? Could the look of the user login page be different depending upon if they logged in from the Corel or Adobe side of the site?

Support Forums

The Embroidery i2 support forums are a great way to connect with other Embroidery i2 users and ask questions about your Embroidery i2 software. The forums are monitored by experienced Embroidery i2 users and members of our Embroidery i2 support team. As a registered Embroidery i2 user, you already have access to this valuable resource. Click the link below to access the Embroidery i2 forums. Please note that you must log in using your Embroidery i2 user name and password to be able to view all of the forums and post messages.

Contacting Technical Support

We encourage checking out the forums section for answers to frequently asked questions. Customers located in the US can contact support by calling +1 888-235-4727.

The wait is over! We are pleased to announce the launch of Embroidery i� plug in for Adobe Illustrator in the USA. Click here to learn more